After my husband and I got married, our only furnishings were ones we had received as gifts, which meant we had lots of random kitchen items and nothing to sit on (oh, the struggles of wedding registries). We needed a couch, and we needed one fast. We had almost no money to our name, so it needed to be less than $500. We also were hoping to find one online, but it needed to have free shipping. This is Amazon’s strong suit, so that’s what we went with. Two years later, we still love our cute little mid-century modern couch. The one we went with was $450, and it’s been perfect for what we need! This inspired me to scour the internet for the highest rated, best looking, and most affordable couches, sorted by style for your decorating pleasure. Let me know which ones you like best!

Mid-Century Modern Couches

This fouton is shockingly affordable at $278.99. 

Pros = cheap, super stylish, cool color options, folds down into a fouton, durable and easy to clean

Cons = for the price you pay, you can expect this to be reasonably comfortable, but not luxuriously cozy. Also, customer reviews say it does attract dog hair. 

French-Country Sofa

This is such a cutie! For those french-country, modern-farmhouse lovers, this a great accent piece to consider. Currently listed at $500!

Pros = adorable, varied color options available; neutral tones to accent any room. 

Cons = it’s new, so no reviews yet! I will say this does look small, so it’d likely be best as an accent piece in your living room, or used in a bedroom or office. Probably won’t be your go-to sofa for watching TV.

Eclectic Vintage Couch

This one oozes vintage vibes with velvety fabric and THE coolest color. The price is $475.98.

Pros: fashion-forward and great accent piece; reviewers discuss that the quality at this price point is very good; firm and comfortable; the tall back cushions make it comfortable even for tall folks!

Cons: reviewers note that the legs are wrapped in a wood-looking laminate which is not super high end; some believe it will not be durable for high traffic areas

Classic + Sophisticated Couches

This lovely, dove-gray sofa looks super high end with the scroll arms and a button-tufted design. The price is $424

Pros: Reviewers say it’s beautifully stunning in every space and that the fabric is soft.

Cons: Reviewers warn that this is a smaller sofa, great for tight spaces, but might seem dwarfed if in a large room


Comfort-First Recliner

Sometimes, the first and only priority is that it feels good to sit on. If that’s you, this is the couch for you! This cozy couch is on sale for $250 cheaper than its original price, so it is now $555!

Pros = reviewers are raving about this cozy couch; extremely good value; reclining feature for optimal comfort; color options hide most stains

Cons = Not as stylish as the other options, but if comfort is what you’re looking for, this is the one for you.

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