Hi, I’m Elly.

My husband and I are two graduate students who woke up one day and decided that we weren’t satisfied with simply letting our debt pile up. We decided that we weren’t going to wait it out until we graduate and could get our “real jobs,” but that instead we would take control over our finances.

Less than a year later, we have paid for a car in cash, closed on our first home, started renovating, became landlords, whittled down our student loans, and most importantly, bought a dog (although perhaps that isn’t as relevant). In one year, we went from frivolous and unaccountable spenders to focused and careful savers; from apartment living to home ownership; from uninvested in our financial future to having a 10 year plan; from unfulfilled human beings to obsessed dog parents (joking, kind of).

I created this blog to share ideas about home-ownership and financial peace. We aren’t experts. We aren’t construction workers. We aren’t wealthy (yet). We’re just a couple who decided that we could do more to invest in our family’s future, so that’s what we’re doing. We’d love for you to come along for the ride.